Climate tweaks

The power is yours! A Climate change infographic about everyday choices we can all make to better our planet.

Each climate tip is illustrated in an infographic section including:

  • Vote: Always, in every election. Even if you think your vote doesn’t weigh much in the general election, it does in local ones!
  • Road Travel: The best thing you can do is avoid driving a car or getting in a ride share service.
  • Air travel: The best thing that you can do is skip a flight, but if you can’t, here are some helpful tips on how to minimize your emissions impact: Fly non-stop, fly economy and offset.
  • Food: Not everybody can be vegan — we’d likely run out of tofu! Instead, watching how much and what you eat are steps in the right direction.
  • Lifestyle: Every single time you purchase something, anything, you are sending a secret message to the market to make more of the thing, and thus feeding a vicious cycle of more stuff. Let’s think about the type of stuff we buy and whether the world needs more of it.
  • Workplace power: Believe it or not, you have agency and power to flag the climate crisis at your place of work (unless you work for the government, then, you can probably still do it, just don’t mention the ‘c’ word).
  • Donate: Donate your time and your money, when possible. You’re thinking “why is this here?” It’s true, it’s the least climate-y action item. Here’s why: when things start going sideways and the climate crisis hits a point of no return, you will be comforted by the fact that the time you volunteered and the donation that you offered made a difference to someone. You will find comfort in knowing that your small choices mattered right in front of you, even if the climate action that’s beyond you did not.

Each climate change infographic section visually depicts these tips through engaging icons. This infographic was a passion project in collaboration with my dear friend and fellow artist, Lina Fedirko.