ClimateWorks Foundation

ClimateWorks Foundation needed a visual design language to uniquely market their “2050 Today: Accelerating Emerging Strategies” event. The event campaign design included a color story, climate infographic icons, web banners ads and speaker session presentation templates. The branded content was tasked to coincide this strategy meeting designed to provide input on 2050 Philanthropic Priorities for Climate Action.

The event’s climate related infographic icon categories included:

    • Setting the stage: Meeting the challenge of mid-century decarbonization
    • China and the global food system: Aligning near-term actions with long-term goals
    • The stuff we consume: New models for reducing industrial emissions
    • Super pollutants, health and the interaction with CO2 (this is the one that might change so I need the original file just in case)
    • Digital disruptors: Radical transparency and sustainability in the digital age
    • Creating a truly global approach: Emerging regions
    • Curtailing the Kraken: Strategies for and implications of unwinding the oil industry
    • Navigating the social and economic transition: From mobilization to durable policy action
    • Brain hacking for the climate: Using behavioral insights to make our strategies more effective
    • Financing mid-century decarbonization for tipping points



2050 Today examines what needs to happen today to decarbonize the global economy by mid-century and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

ClimateWork’s thinking led them to launch 2050 Today, an initiative that takes a long term planning horizon and seeks to tackle harder to mobilize areas in climate mitigation. Their goal is to bring together a community of experts to develop and test out new strategies, and then to mobilize philanthropy to invest and scale them to the next level. They kicked off 2050 Today in 2018 with a convening of more than 100 experts from research, philanthropy, academia, industry, and public office.

The visual language for the Climate event is unique to their style-guide while still working along with their current brand’s aesthetic.